SonndancexTycoon,  colt. Foaled May 28th, 2007. "Scooter" is a large, correct colt with excellent quality dressage movement, gorgeous form over fences, and very "modern" type.  Scooter is SOLD and currently eventing Preliminary.
Hallie Creek xKougar Von C. Foaled May 30, 2007. We couldn't be more pleased with this filly. She is stunning and perfect in every way, down to her giant ears!
Huston is SOLD and is currently eventing under the name of "Her Amazing Grace". Her owner also purchased the 2011 colt, Teague FLF.
Sunny Brook(ox) x Prelude by Mozart, filly. Foaled July 7, 2007 and my 7th foal! Lucky, she is!! Marked EXACTLY like her sire, Seven is a precocious athlete. She is strong and athletic, with a winning attitude, and quality movement. She is sweet and curious, as well as self-confident.
Seven is SOLD!!
A Night at the OperaxKhemo's Desperate Echo(ox), filly.  Foaled June 30th, 2007. "Aimee" was exported to the UAE and has been competing in endurance racing. 

Four Leaf Foals
Ada GS *E*xHilton GS,  colt. Foaled June 15, 2007. "Lucky" (now known as "Gibs") is a gorgeous, tall bay/grey sabino stallion, who is curently in formal training for hunters. He has amazing movement, excellent conformation and proven bloodlines, andthe bestpersonality, which he passes along to his offspring. APPROVED FOR BREEDING with the American trakehner Association!!!
Argent Moon is SOLD and is currently showing in the hunters with his owner. He was 2013 ATA Horse of the Year, Reserve Ch Baby Green Hunter. 
Lobelia x Blessed Trinity xx. Foaled January 25, 2008. "LiLi" has personality that does not quit! She should make an outstanding medium-sized event or dressage prospect. 

Wicklow Highlands xx x Ada GS
Foaled May 23rd, 2008. "Addy" has a BEAUTIFUL head, and is very athletic and charming. 
Addy is SOLD.
2007 Foals
2008 Foals
Alabama x Wicklow Highlands xx. Foaled June 11, 2008. "Spot" is a large, correct colt with HUGE movement, and excellent conformation. Excellent performance prospect.
Spot is SOLD!
Sonndance x Wicklow Highlands xx.  COLT! Born at 11:20 AM on 6-25-08! He is a big'un, and very athletic! "Stan the Man" is bold and athletic, with a great trot and canter! 
Stan should have the athleticism to event, but the movement for hunter/jumper or dressage.
Stan is SOLD!
Tansanita Vom Castellx Wicklow Highlands xx. Foaled June 14, 2008. "Trudy" is an AMAZING filly. She is everything I could have hoped for...super athletic, but has brains to spare, and a super friendly, loving personality.
Trudy is SOLD!
2009 Foals
A Night At The Opera Prelude By Mozart. It's a FILLY!! Gorgeous dark bay filly foaled at 12:31 AM on June 16th. She's a VERY precocious filly! 
Aria is SOLD!
2002 Foal
Sonndance x Tricon xx. Foaled February 24th, 2006. "Penny" is a large, athletic filly with excellent movement. She displays a modern type in conformation and quality.
Penny is SOLD!!!
Ada GS X Alden's Card xx. Gorgeous dark bay (possibly grey) colt foaled on October 6th. "Alex" is a BIG correct colt, with legs that go on all day. Very nice prospect for eventing, and he's treated like a king in his new home. Spoiled!!
Alejandro is SOLD!
2010 Foals 
Tansalea x Hennessey. Gorgeous dark bay colt (gelding) foaled on June 3rd. Tucker is a large, handsome colt who is simply show-stopping. He has good hunter movement and a super sweet disposition. 
Tucker is SOLD!! 
Halle Lujah X Whitesville xx. Lovely, feminine filly with a big personality and a bigger love of jumping! Foaled August 6, 2010, she is already HUGE, and should mature close to 17hh. Haileigh has amazing movement and is super athletic, but also very smart like her dam.
Haileigh is SOLD!
Lobelia X Whitesville xx. Beautiful, feminine bay filly with a big star and little snip foaled on August 22, 2010. Super sporthorse potential!
Leila is SOLD!
2011 Foals
Tansanita Vom Castell X Argent Moon. Flashy black going grey colt foaled April 6, 2011. He is balanced, muscular, athletic and personable! Fantastic dressage movement, with tons of substance. He name is of Irish origins, and it means "thunder spirit".
Tommy is SOLD. Unfortunately, he passed away tragically in 2013, but not before earning numerous awards in hand including the 2013 ATA HOY Hunter Breeding Ch Award.
Tariana X Argent Moon. Handsome chestnut going grey colt foaled April 19, 2011. Tall, handsome. A one-of-a-kind.
Teague is SOLD and currently resides in NW Illinois with his event-rider owner (and another FLF "baby" Huston FLF).
Her Royal Highness X Argent Moon. Handsome dark bay going grey colt foaled June 24, 2011. Sweet, athletic foal that has been purchased by his dams' original owner/rider and now resides in California!! We really look forward to watching him progress under saddle.  stallion prospect.
Harley is for SOLD!!
Halle Lujah X Beyond Blonde xx. Lovely chestnut filly foaled at 8:27 AM on September 17, 2011. She is super athletic and very curious. Her legs go on all day! She is her mothers' daughter, for sure!!
Haddy is SOLD and is currently in training with her amateur teenaged owner. We look forward to seeing their progress!
Sheza Spy xx X Joeledojack AQHA. Foaled in June 2002. "Jackie" was my first foray into the wonderful world of breeding horses. She was a petite, but muscular and athletic filly with good movement. I bred the mare, my very first horse and the equine love of my life, "SheShe" specifically with a sporthorse prospect in mind. I liked the stallions' type and thought it was a good "like to like" pairing with the possibility of color, for which I admit to being a sucker. Jackie was sold to Texas as an eventing prospect as a yearling. Just 2 months after I sold her, I lost her dam to colic. She was still owned by someone in Texas in 2010, and if anyone knows her whereabouts I would LOVE to know how she is doing!! She was in foal when I inquired on her, and shows she had a colt named "Golden Moneymaker" by the AQHA stallion "Hand Me Money Too". The most recent image I have of her is in the inset, at right. 

Losing SheShe was a turning point for me. Finding myself horseless, I began to search for just the right "type" of mare to begin my breeding program in earnest. The rest, as they say...

Above and Below: Jackie in 2008 
Inset: Jackie in 2010 sales ad
2006 Foal
Meissa X Hilife. Foaled at 11:40 PM on April 26, 2012. Large, pretty filly with nice chrome and a super fun personality. This filly is a dressage diva!! WOW!

"Mimi" is SOLD!!
Tariana X Prelude By Mozart. Foaled at 6 PM on April 27, 2012. Sweet dark "Prelude" bay filly with a scattering of white hairs on her forehead and the traditional one tiny back white hoof.
"Cookie" is SOLD to Canada, where she has joined her big sister, Tanzfee.
2012 Foals
Halle Lujah X Buckle Down Ben xx. Foaled around 2 Pm on Friday, September 14th, 2012. Very tall, leggy filly with tons of bone, and nice chrome!
Harmony is SOLD!!
Foals are in order from oldest at the top of the page, with the newest at the bottom. Please scroll down....
Foaled September 21, 2012. Adorable, "in your pocket" filly by Buckle Down Ben, and out of Her Royal Highness. Incredible all-around prospect...bred to event!!
Princess is SOLD!
2013 Foals
Buckle Down Ben xx X Samantha.
Lovely filly foaled April 14, 2013. This filly was a strapping 11hh and 110# at birth, and is turning out SO fancy! She should be a powerful jumper, with her powerful hindquarter. She is all I had hoped for from Ben...with lovely movement as well. 

Sweetie is SOLD!
Argent MoonX Tariana. Gorgeous filly foaled May 9, 2013. "Trixie" is Argent Moons' first filly, and she's a looker!  FULL sibling to Teague FLF, from the 2011 foal crop. This pretty girl is perfectly marked and super friendly.  

Tahra has re-joined our mare band in 2020!
Duckhorn X Samantha. Incredible filly foaled June 10, 2014. "Sunny" is incredibly perfect! She is a large, robust filly but still very feminine and a total powerhouse with outstanding movement. There is not a thing to complain about with this filly.

Sonny has rejoined our band in 2020!
Duckhorn X Her Royal Highness. Super sweet filly foaled June 28, 2014. Hannah, pronounced "Ahn-yah"" is a total darling! She is a medium sized filly, very feminine, with dressage type. Her dam produces smaller foals that still mature well above "average" size.

Duckhorn X Halle Lujah. Gorgeous GREY filly foaled July 8, 2014. "Luna" was the largest foal I have ever seen! She was a whopper!  She should make an outstanding evener, and should mature well over 16.2hh. She has a nice personality, and is interested in everything you do. 

2014 Foals
Mighty Whirl XX x Halle Lujah. Gorgeous chestnut filly foaled July 4, 2016. "Scout" takes after her half sister, and is again one of the largest foals I have ever seen! She is a whopper! She should make an outstanding jumper prospect, and should mature well over 17hh. She has a confident personality, and is going to go places for sure!

Absolutel STUNNING colt (gelding) foaled July 9, 2016 by Mighty Whirl XX and out of Meissa. Marke is dressage, dressage, dressage!! Such an incredible favorite! He is flashy and robust, with an INCREDIBLE hindquarter!

Seamus is a sweet, adorable, little rotten guy out of our GIANT mare, Samantha and by Mighty Whirl XX. He was foaled July 19, 2016, and has superior hunter-quality movement, and is smart and very easy to work with. 

2016 Foals
2018 Foals
Foaled on Memorial Day 2018, "Murph" as well call him, in honor of Michael Patrick Murphy, is a handsome, correct colt with unlimited potential, out of our lovely Mess, and by Smoked Gold XX. He is SOLD and will join Alejandro FLF at his new home in MN in November 2018.
Laragh FLF
Lolli is a perfect, sweet, intelligent filly foaled  filly July 2, 2019, by Smoked Gold XX and out of Lange Zeit's Red. Laragh is the picture of perfection.She is SOLD! 
Lucky FLF
Lucky was foaled in May, 2020, out of our homebred mare, Liesel FLF, and by Beyond Blonde. He is going to be a MEDIUM SIZED horse, between 15.2-16hh, and is exceptionally well mannered and just absolutely the friendliest colt. He should be a nice eventing or hunter prospect. Lucky is SOLD!!!

Smoked Win FLF
"Winnie" is by Smoked Gold and out of Win For Erin. As is typical for Gunnar babies, she is large (will mature to 17hh) and "in your pocket, born broke". 
Winnie is SOLD!!!

Lazarus FLF
"Lazzy" (who we used to call call Lars) was foaled in August 2020. Lars is a nice dressage prospect. Lars is SOLD!!

2019 Foals
2020 foals
2021 foals
Heavenly Blonde FLF
My dream come true!! "Peach" is really all I've ever wanted from a foal. She is gorgeous, sweet and spicy, and her pedigree is just fantastic. Her dam is a full sister to our much loved and very much missed Halle Lujah, who we lost on 2019 48 hours after she foaled. A dear friend blessed me with her sister, Angel, dam of Peach. on  She will never be for sale! 
Handsome Blonde
Although his name is still undecided, this incredible Jockey Club registered (pending) Thoroughbred colt is perfection in every way.He is beautifully put together, with a well-set neck, strong hindquarter, and outstanding movement. He has dressage quality movement and not just "nice for a thoproughbred". Of course, his gorgeous golden color is the icing on the cake. He is SOLD! 
Hidden Gold FLF
HUGE Jockey Club Registered Thoroughbred colt by Beyond Blonde and out of Hey Monday, who is a daughter of our much beloved Buckle Down Ben. "Moose" has a laid-back temperament, and huge bone, long legs, and is surprisingly athletic for his large size! He is tested SMOKEY BLACK (black carrying cream) and is SOLD.
Himmlische Blonde FLF
Gorgeous, dressage-y COLT Beyond Blonde and out of Himmlische Donnerwelke. FULL SIBLING to Peach (above). "Finn" made his surprise appearance on Black Friday 2022, and is the LAST baby be Beyond Blonde, who we lost shortly thereafter. He is SOLD.
2022 Foals
2021 H filly
Beyond Blonde x Lange Zeit's Red. This filly was sold, along with her dam, back to her dams' original owner/breeder pre-weaning. 
Mouse Peanut FLF
Our little Mouse Peanut. One of our "grand babies", out of a mare we bred and retained, and by Beyond Blonde. He was dysmature at birth, and in splints for the first 4 months of his life. He is not for sale. 
The Spicy One TM FLF
Spicy is our first filly out of our homebred mare, Tahra FLF (Argent Moon FLF x Tariana). By Beyond Blonde. She is nearly as fabulous as her dam, SUPER people oriented, and DRESSAGE quality. She is SOLD.
Sweet Red FLF
Gorgeous 3/4 Thoroughbred hunter/jumper prospect out of our very own Sorcha FLF. "Sweetie" is heavily muscled, and very fancy. She is SOLD.