Tansanita Vom Castell. 1988 15.3hh OSB Trakehner mare. By Avignon II, out of Tansania, ATA Honor Roll mare.  "Tansy" is a special, wonderful, cranky, persnickety old mare, and I love her. She has had a number of excellent foals and has been shown in dressage, with scores in the upper 60's. She had been my main riding partner since 2004, and has produced some very nice foals over the years, but now she gets to just be a pasture puff.

1988 to 2015. 

Our Mares
I started building my Trakehner "herd" in 2004 when I purchased my first Trakehners mares, Tansanita Vom Castell and Savana. Over the past 17  years I have built a band of mares that I am exceptionally proud of. All of my mares are more than worthy to hold the title "broodmare", and they accomplished that title by being lovely examples of the Trakehner type, and posessing quality conformation, personality, exceptional movement, exceptional performance under saddle, and proven bloodlines for long-term performance and soundness in the Olympic disciplines of dressage and eventing. They are all loved, and will be cherished and have a home with us always, as it should be. Now, in late 2020, many of my "best girls" have passed on, but we hold their babies dear. 
Samantha. 1993 16.3hh OSB Trakehner mare by the Imported stallion, Tizian, and out of Stephanie. Samantha is a large, correct mare with powerful gaits and a sweet temperament. She is also Westphalian approved. Samantha has produced one fabulous purebred Trakehner colt for her previous owner, and a lovely Anglo Trakehner filly for us in 2013, and another in 2014. She is a fabulous producer and a dedicated mother. 


Tariana. 1993 16hh OSB Trakehner mare by Graditz *E*and out of Tara Vom Castell. "Ani" is quiet and thoughtful, but not without personality. Very athletic with a HUGE jump and dressage-quality gaits. She has had several very nice foals, one of which can be seen on the Fall 2009 cover of The American Trakehner magazine! 

Halle Lujah. 1999 16.1hh OSB Trakehner mare.  By Donnerkeil, and out of the Imported mare, Hostess (By Postillion, out of Hollunda by Virgil). "Holly" is a proven performance mare, and she has been shown in both hunters and dressage (intro), with scores in the mid-60's. Holly has had three lovely Anglo-Trakehner fillies for us. She is a one of a kind mare, and everyones' favorite. TONS of personality, and incredibly intelligent and sweet. Holly had a gorgeous chestnut/palomino colt by Beyond Blonde in 2018, who unfortunately had a ruptured bladder at birth. RIP Henry FLF. We lost Holly after foaling in 2019. There was never a harder loss...


Her Royal Highness. 1990 15.3hh OSB Trakehner mare by Karneval (by Ibikus), and out of Hostess (by Postillion). "Lexi" is an elegant and athletic mare who has been trained in dressage to second level. American Hanoverian Society Main Stud Book approved (high scoring non-Hanoverian mare).  She had a successful dressage career as well, and has had several very nice foals. She does double duty as my daughters' "pony" as well as broodie, and is an amazing riding partner for her. 

1990 to 2017. 

Meissa. 1995 16.2hh OSB Trakehner mare.  By Horizon, and out of Mon Amour. Meissa is a proven performance mare and now also a broodmare. She is a beautiful mover,  trained to Second Level, and she also has experience fox hunting, on trails, and jumping. She is a total blast to ride, and is now my main riding horse. She is the boss of the herd (and the world, if you ask her). Opinionated, sassy, and smart as a whip, with excellent work ethic.


Lobelia. 1990 16hh OSB Trakehner mare by Donaufurst, and out of Lottcha by Koree. "Bee" is back with us for retirement, after not only producing some lovely foals for us, but some other breeders as well. She is a classy lady, and we are happy to have her home.

Ada GS *E*. 1991 OSB Trakehner mare. Out of Alouette (Tannenberg *E* x Abiza *E*), and by Troy. Ada carries the best of Trakehner genetics and she has been described as THE mare most exhibiting the "true" Trakehner type. She is Schickedanz-bred from the ABIZA line, and the dam of the ATA APPROVED STALLIONS Arapaho GS and Argent Moon FLF as well as several very high-scoring daughters. Ada has spent several years at Stopek Stables after I purchased her from Galten Farms in 2006, and is now finally home forever.

Itaelena. 1994 16.1hh OSB Trakehner mare by Rudiger and out of Itamaria Vom Castell. This mare is an incredible mare, with exactly what I love from the Vom Castell lines. She is robust, sweet, and a bit sassy, and a was a fabulous producer. 

We took Laney in her retirement, and she will live out her days as a pasture pet.

Lange Zeit's Red. 2001 16.2hh OSB Trakehner mare, by Kitfox and out of a Graditz daughter. "Red" had her first foal in 2017 and is a fabulous mother. She even took on an orphan in late 2019 after weaning her own filly, while cooking her 2020 colt. She is TRULY a gem. 

Red will be retired from OUR program, to return to her original home in WI with her 2021 filly. We have been so blessed to be able to call her ours these past few years. 

Liesel FLF. 2008 15.1hh PSB Anglo-Trakehner mare out of Lobelia (below), and by Whitesville XX. Lili was bred and foals by us, and sold as a 2 year old. We have recently welcomed her back into the herd and look forward to many more years together. 
A Night at the Opera. 1987 OSB Trakehner mare. By Insterfurst (Enrico Caruso) and out of the imported ATA Honor Roll mare, Alma Maid. Oprah is a proven broodmare of outstanding Trakehner-cross foals. She is a former eventer, and her progeny have shown talent in both dressage and jumping. She had her first purebred foal by PRELUDE BY MOZART in 2009. Oprah joined the broodmare band at Stopek Stables in until she retired, and we welcome her home. 

Tara Vom Castell. 1988 mare 1988 mare by Avignon II and out of The Princess Conde'. 

Sorcha FLF
2014 16.2hh Anglo-Trakehner mare by our beloved Duckhorn and out of Samantha. We are SO excited to have Sunny and Tahra (above) back in our program. 
Tahra FLF
2013 Trakehner filly by Argent Moon FLF and out of Tariana. Tahra is the epitome of what we have been striving for in our breeding program. She has absolutely the best qualities of both her sire and dam, and I can see them in her in so many ways. She is truly a dream mare. 
Gone, but never forgotten... 
Win for Erin
 "Cinders" is a big, correct, winning thoroughbred mare who I have had my eye on for years, as she produced the most outstanding mares in my friends' breeding program. I was blessed to be able to purchase her, along with her 2020 in utero filly, in late 2019.
Himmlische Donnerwelke
2000 16hh Trakehner mare by Donnerkeil out of Hostess by Postillion. This lovely mare is a full sister to our beloved mare, Halle Lujah, who we lost in December 2019. 
Angel had a palomino filly by Beyond Blonde on May 3, 2021. 
Hey Monday
TRULY a dream come true, to be able to offer "Tilly" a home after her performance career was cut short due to kissing spine. She is a daughter of our beloved Buckle Down Ben, and I have been watching her career since she came off the track in 2012. She is beyond beautiful, and such a love.