Liesel FLF
LieselFLF, or "LiLi" is a lovely Anglo-Trakehner filly out of the purebred Trakehner mare, Lobelia (who is by Donaufurst and out of Lottcha by Koree.) and by the very attractive, hunter-type thoroughbred stallion, Blessed Trinity xx. LiLi was born in the dead of winter, and it was 40 below the night she was born!! She is a robust, athletic and fiesty filly full of personality, though! She was teeny at birth, and maintained her smallish stature throughout her life. She has proven to be a very nice smaller hunter-type mover, though she could have easily go on to event or do dressage. 

She has lovely conformation....everyone who comes to the farm comments on how "pretty" she is. She is very feminine, and she has great movemen, and a HIGE barrel that can accommodate a lot of length of leg, so a "larger" rider suits her just as well. 

We sold Lili as a 2 year old, and she was trained under saddle, and spent several years on a small farmette in the Chicago suburbs as a riding horse. In 2019 we were blessed to have her come home when her owner moved across country, and she will 

(Blessed Trinity-Sire)

Lobelia (dam)
Pictured below at 1 week old...
Pics below at one month!! 
Liesel at 2 months old...
Liesel at  1 year old...
Below: LiLi at 16 months old. 
Below: LiLi at 20 months old. 
Below, Lili in 2019 upon her return home, and with her first foal, Lucky FLF, in 2020: