For Sale
I am happy to provide a serious buyer with dozens of pictures from birth to present, or to take specific photos at certain angles, etc. and provide further information on the sire and dam. I also have several video clips available which I can e-mail or post on youtube.  I always prefer to talk "in person" before I discuss payment options, terms, or other specifics to ensure the inquiry is legitimate, and to ensure a suitable "match" for horse and buyer, but I do have a standard Purchase Agreement for you to look over if you have an interest and would like to know what you'd be looking at. Of course, you can always feel free to call anytime, or e-mail me and I will phone at a time that is convenient for you.  
As previously mentioned, I am more than happy to discuss terms. I have purchased several horses on payments, and I have been very grateful for the opportunity to do so. Thus, I would like to pass that option on to my buyers. However, horses usually stay on the property until paid in full, and there is a monthly charge for care, which will include feed, deworming, and farrier care. In most cases the buyer will find that these charges are less than what it would cost to keep a horse at "home".   
ALL prices are negotiable unless otherwise noted. Once negotiated in writing, prices are good until the agreed upon date by which the deposit is to be received only. I will not "hold" a horse without a deposit. Deposits shall be 20% of the purchase price, and are non-refundable, unless there is determination by veterinary exam that the horse is not suitable for the intended purpose. Special consideration may be given to show or performance homes,  or for "package deals". Pre-weaning prices already reflect a significant discount. Please inquire for in-utero options, as pricing varies considerably. 
ALL foals  are eligible for registration and branding with the ATA, and registration is included in the asking price. 
If you are looking for something in particular, and don't find it here, or it isn't listed as "For Sale", please inquire anyway! If I can't help you, and I can very likely direct you to another reputable breeder that can! 
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We currently have NO horses for sale, and will not have any foals again until 2016 at the earliest. Thanks for checking, and please keep us bookmarked!