For Sale
I am happy to provide a serious buyer with dozens of pictures from birth to present, or to take specific photos at certain angles, etc. and provide further information on the sire and dam, including temperaments, bloodlines, previous progeny, etc.  MOST PICTURES AND VIDEOS WILL ALREADY BE AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK, SO PLEASE CHECK THERE BEFORE REQUESTING MORE. 

HOWEVER: The best way to asses a potential lifelong partner is to COME MEET THEM! We encourage visitors. In fact, I much, much prefer to meet a buyer in person before they choose their Puppy, or Foal. Meet the sire and dam, see our farm, and get a feel for our daily routine and experience the animals as real individuals. 

If that is not possible, or if you are unsure, please CALL. I always prefer to actually speak on the phone before I discuss payment options, terms, or other specifics to ensure the inquiry is legitimate, and to ensure a suitable "match" for a buyer and their lifestyle. I allow visitors to meet Puppies at 6 weeks or thereafter. I am also happy to do Facetime or other video "chats" while long-distance buyers, as well.

I will not "hold" any Foal or Puppy without a deposit. Deposits shall be 25% of the purchase price, and are non-refundable, unless there is determination by veterinary exam that the foal is not suitable for the intended purpose or the puppy is not healthy at the initial veterinary visit. Once negotiated in writing, prices are good until the agreed upon date by which the deposit is to be received only.  Special consideration may be given to show, working or performance homes,  current and past clients, or for "package deals", but I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE ON PRICING VIA TEXT OR EMAIL. If you cannot take the time to come and meet the puppy, or simply pick up the phone and call, then this isn't the place for you. I offer a military, veterans, and law enforcement discount!!! 

If you are looking for something in particular, and don't find it here, or it isn't listed as "For Sale", please inquire anyway! If I can't help you, and I can very likely direct you to another reputable breeder that can! 
Hello!! Thanks for visiting! We currently do not have any horses for sale, but be sure to visit our PUPPIES page for current pups available or upcoming and our FACEBOOK page for dozens of photos of pups and potential sales or in-utero offerings. Please be sure to read the paragraph below, as well.