WHEREAS, Joselynne Roddy, hereinafter called "Breeder” is the owner of a German Shepherd Dog PUPPY, further described as:

                                      Color:                        Sex:                        Date of Whelp:                            Sire:                                    Dam:

And WHEREAS, _________________, hereinafter called "Buyer" would like to purchase the Dog described above, hereinafter referred to as the puppy. 

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the sum of $_______ , the Breeder hereby agrees to sell one German Shepherd Dog puppy under the following warranties and conditions and no other warranties or conditions either expressed or implied:


Agreement of terms is acknowledged by the signing of this Agreement. This Agreement is entered into on this ___Day of _______, 2020 in the County of Whiteside, in the State of Illinois, USA and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of Illinois and The United States. If any clause in the Agreement is against said laws, then that clause shall be null and void. This document represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements, promises, verbal or implied, are included unless specifically stated in this written Agreement. 

Health Guarantee

Buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 2 BUSINESS DAYS of pick up. Should the puppy be found to have a serious health defect at this vet visit, the breeder is to be contacted immediately with written diagnosis signed by a licensed vet, and at that time the buyer can request to either:

1. return the puppy for a replacement puppy of equal value from a current or future litter, 
2. return the puppy and receive a full refund. The breeder is not responsible for the vet bill.  

*Puppies that become sick or die due to an accident or buyers negligence (chewing electrical cords, hung by collar, exposing the puppy to strange dogs not living in the home before fully vaccinated, etc.) will not be replaced. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO PET STORES, PARKS, ETC. BEFORE FULLY VACCINATED. ANY PUPPY THAT IS RE-VACCINATED AT THE BUYERS' INITIAL VET VISIT OR RE-VACCINATED PRIOR TO 3-4 WEEKS FROM FIRST VACCINES WILL NOT BE REPLACED. 

A. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia (and DM):
 The Breeder guarantees that the puppy will certify with OFA Hips between the ages of 24-26 months as "excellent, good or fair", or at 12 months with SV as A1/A2 (Normal/Fast Normal). This OFA guarantee is binding only if official preliminary x-rays are performed at 12-13 months of age by a licensed veterinarian. Breeder guarantees that elbows will pass with OFA “normal” results. *UNILATERAL NON-SYMPTOMATIC GRADE 1 elbows will not be replaced on LIMITED registration*. The hips and elbows must be x-rayed by a licensed veterinarian, certified and skilled at producing x-rays for OFA or SV evaluation. 

*Dysplasia caused by obesity, dietary deficiency, or over exertion (including jogging/running on hard surfaces) and other preventable reason is NOT Guaranteed. In the event that a bitch conceives a litter or a male sires a litter prior to OFAs, this guarantee becomes null and void. 

All Puppies are Guaranteed to be NOT AS RISK for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) via parentage.

In ANY case that Buyer receives a replacement puppy from Breeder, Buyer must first show proof of spay or neuter of the original puppy and they MUST RETURN AKC papers prior to receiving a replacement puppy. The replacement puppy will be at BREEDERS' choice of litter, and WILL NOT be from the same parentage. Replacement puppies will be the same sex/color/price as original puppy

B. Spay/Neutering
If the puppy is spayed or neutered prior to maturity, this guarantee is voided. There will be absolutely no refunds or replacements of any puppy which is altered prior to 24 months of age, without express written consent of Breeder. Veterinarians will often recommend doing this around 4-6 months old, however, for the health and well being of a German Shepherd Dog, it is recommended to leave the Dog INTACT until at least 2 years of age. Therefore, while we acknowledge that it is “inconvenient” to keep an intact dog in the home, we are more concerned with the LONG TERM SOUNDNESS of the dog.  

C. Vaccinations & Deworming
We begin deworming at 2 weeks of age, and CORE vaccinations are given at 8 weeks of age, and again at 3-4 week intervals until puppy vaccine series is complete. Buyer will be provided a list of vaccinations the puppy has received, as well as a list of the dates and a schedule for future vaccinations and deworming. YOU MUST LIMIT EXPOSURE OF THE PUPPY TO UNFAMILIAR DOGS AND PUBLIC PLACES UNTIL THE PUPPY IS FULLY VACCINATED. This means avoid large group puppy classes, and places such as dog parks, Petsmart, etc. 

D. Diet Recommendation
We feed all of our dogs and puppies quality dog foods. The puppy is currently being fed _________________________________ two to three times per day, dry. We feed this food because research has proven it to have an acceptable calcium/phosphorus ratio, which most current research shows is necessary for proper growth and development in large and giant breed dogs. It is also GRAIN FREE, and research shows that the primary ingredient in quality food is meat based (Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Lamb etc). We have there to be several affordable and high-quality feeds available. Feeding premium food promotes good health, strong teeth, shiny coats, and firm stools. Most importantly, studies done specifically on German Shepherd puppies has shown that raising GSD puppies on correct formulations not only reduces the incidence of orthopedic issues, but also helps reduce the incidence of Pano, weak pasterns, and pancreatic insufficiency. German Shepherd Dogs should be fed to maintain a LEAN frame, with a recommendation of a "4" on a 9 point scale as ideal. Buyer acknowledges that they have read the information provided on appropriate feeding of large breed puppies. (_____ initial)

E. Socialization and Training
Our puppies are raised underfoot, socialized with other large dogs, extensively handled by adults AND children, and exposed to variety of conditions (farm life, with livestock, inside, cats, adult dogs and puppies, car rides, walks on a leash, etc.), and they are usually started on crate training at weaning. We recommend crate training for potty training purposes, but DO NOT SUGGEST LEAVING GROWING PUPPIES CRATED FOR HOURS ON END. Puppies need dedicated play time, and need to learn how to behave in the home “unsupervised”. To ensure your puppy’s temperament remains as sound as the day it leaves our home, once your puppy is fully vaccinated, take it places as often as possible. German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs with working drives. Responsible owners channel this intelligence and drive in the proper direction with adequate love, attention, and training. Bored, lonely, and/or neglected GSD’s can become depressed, highly destructive, and/or aggressive. PUPPIES WILL NATURALLY CHEW AND BITE! This is normal, however, it is important to correct and/or redirect “naughty” behavior quickly and fairly. We strongly suggest the buyer to take their new puppy to breed or working-dog specific obedience classes to learn proper handling techniques, once the puppy has been fully vaccinated. Please consider the quality of the instruction at these classes. Not all trainers are created equal! "Mixed breed" or "pet store" classes may not be appropriate for a working breed dog! Quality training is usually best accomplished with a local German Shepherd or Schutzhund club, or other breed-appropriate organization. If, despite proof of proper socialization and handling, you are not satisfied with the temperament of your puppy, the puppy may be returned for a replacement up to 2 years of age and unaltered and in good physical health. We cannot guarantee against environmental temperament problems, resulting from abuse, neglect, teasing, or failure to acquire appropriate training for the dog.

F. Return
If for any reason you become unable to care for your puppy, we will be happy to take the dog back or help you place the dog in a new home. We NEVER want to see a dog we have bred end up in a shelter.

1. That the above-described animal is a purebred puppy, and comes with LIMITED AKC registration. Breeder will register the puppy and have the AKC mail the certificate directly to the buyer in their name as 
“( )” Name” Vom Vierblaettriges Bauernhof. Buyer shall choose a suitable “( )” name within 1 week of purchase/pick up. 
2. Buyer agrees to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 2 BUSINESS DAYS or the attached health guarantee is null and void. The puppy will have had its’ first CORE vaccinations (Solo-Jec 5 Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2- Parainfluenza-Parvovirus Vaccine) at age 8 weeks, with boosters due at 12 and 16 weeks of age.
The puppy has been dewormed with Panacur at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age, and Toltrazuril at 5 and 8 weeks. The Seller warrants the puppy to be in good health and free of Communicable Disease at the time of purchase and pick up. 
3. If the puppy is found to have a congenital defect of the hips, elbows, etc. the puppy may be returned for a replacement. See Item “A” on page 2 (Health Guarantee) of this Agreement for specifics. WE DO NOT OFFER MONETARY REFUNDS AFTER THE INITIAL VET VISIT AT BUYERS’ VET.
4. If the picked puppy is not a suitable match at temperament testing at 49 days, they Buyer may have the right to choose a different puppy, if available, wait for another litter, OR RECEIVE A REFUND OF THEIR DEPOSIT.
5. The Guarantees in this contract only apply to the Original Buyer and IS NOT Transferable if the puppy is resold or given to someone else, without express written consent of the Breeder.