Vierblättriges Bauernhof
We have been raising German Shepherds since 2014, and Pembroke Welsh Corgi's since early 2023. Between our co-owned litters and our own litters, we have bred, whelped, and raised 40 litters or so. We started with a swimming pool whelping box, and 2 dogs (Heide and Garron) and now have a large kennel with large, clean, attached runs and play areas, two small whelping rooms, plus two LARGE whelping and puppy raising rooms in our home. Although not "long time" breeders, we have made every effort to use what we have learned from each litter, as well as from breeding horses for 24 years make improvements with each new experience.

We chose German Shepherds because we wanted a dog that would be an IDEAL family partner, AND could "work" and function on a farm. Our goal is to produce top quality German Shepherds from top quality pedigrees including mainly European lines. I like a dog that has the desire to work, but can also fulfill couch potato duty! We spent several years finding dogs that fit our breeding goals to raise really excellent puppies from, and we have three "forever" retirees here on the farm, as well. When COVID hit, we decided to break from breeding GSD, due to lack of access to training for our buyers, but we are looking forward to producing a few litters of GSD again in late 2024! Our shepherds and corgis all get along well! It's amazing how alike and different the two breeds are, and we absolutely adore them both!

We are a family-oriented operation, therefore in addition to careful consideration of quality of conformation, intelligence and trainability, we really strive for dogs that will make great companion FAMILY dogs as well as working dogs. Family is our focus, here, in everything we do. We want to produce a German Shepherd that is attentive, alert, highly trainable, AND beautifully conformed, while also possessing the strong desire to make their family happy. And we strive to produce a very high-quality HEALTHY Corgi that has many of the same qualities, but in a smaller package. The GSD can be imposing to look at and would make a stranger think twice about entering onto our property, but we have no fears about the safety of our children as they play. They are loyal through and through and they really do love people their little Pembroke Welsh Corgi companions! 

Visitors are always welcome to see the farm, and interact with the adult dogs, but we DO NOT allow "puppy visits" from non-contracted buyers, as a matter of safe practice. We keep strict biosecurity protocols in place for puppies, and we do not vaccinate until puppies are 8-9 weeks old and maternal antibodies are waning.
We encourage potential buyers to view our sales terms and our contract, which are linked on our PUPPIES page, where our available puppies can also be seen!!