Occasionally, we will offer one of our retiring breeding dogs, or a dog that has come back from an owner that could no longer care for the dog. We even may offer a rescue or rehabbed German Shepherd from time to time. All of our older adoptable will come with health history, as well as all health test results (OFA's and DM testing, or SV hip/elbow certification, if available). They will be current on vaccines and deworming, and any other health care. Please read the personalized description of each dog for any specific details, and feel free to ask ANY questions. We believe that all dogs deserve the right home for the long term, and we are prepared to be that home, but we also know that there are homes that may be a better fit than our active household. We do a 2 week trial period to ensure the perfect fit, and offer a LIFELONG return policy on any of these dogs, whether they are a dog we have bred, or not. $500 (can include spay surgery, as well) Please CALL 815-632-7025 to inquire and for further info. 
"Alka" is a 5 year old Serbian import. She is DM clear, and her hips and elbows were certified in Europe. We purchased her to add to our program along with Hera (below) in late 2018, but when we purchased her, she was thin, skittish, and very reliant on Hera for comfort. In her time with us, she has blossomed and she gets along with EVERYONE, she loves the kids, and she is extremely youthful and playful! She loves to play fetch, and she is ALWAYS smiling. She is truly a family dog. 
"Rina" is an 8 year old female. She is V rated, and has her BH and IPO1 titles. We purchased her shortly after we purchased our imported stud, Arionn, as we were told that they were a "very good match" for breeding, and that they had had some very nice litters together. However, when we finally received her papers and actual pedigree, we found that she is a FULL sister to his dam. We don't believe in INbreeding, so obviously, we chose to not breed her. She, also, gets along well alone or in a pack, including with other like-minded intact females. She is EXTREMELY playful and fun loving. 
"Hera" is a 5 year old female who we purchased with Alka. She has had one litter for us, and her puppies are outstanding. Unfortunately, we were not told that she had had previous c-section and she had to have an emergency c-section. We have chosen to not breed her again and continue subjecting her to c-sections. She is a phenomenal mother, wonderful friend, and amazing member of the family. She and Alka (above) are very compatible and we would consider a reduced pricing incentive if they were to remain together.

We also have contact info for some trusted friends who are rehoming a 6 year old SPAYED female, house and crate trained, and a 4 year old male, intact, also crate and house trained. Please CALL for further info. 815-632-7025